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Requesting a school product
Requesting a school product

Adding a product to a school in your Partner Hub

Written by Philip Clifton
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If you're looking to find out more about adding products to schools in your Partner Hub, follow the steps below.

The products that can be added include (if currently available in your region):

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Edusync Google
Edusync Apple

Adding a product to a school

1. Login to your Partner Hub account If you don't know your login credentials please contact

2. Select the 'Create new order' button which will show the following screen from which you need to select your school:

3. On the next screen you can create your order by selecting the Wonde product the school would like to make use of and entering contact details in case an MIS integration is required to be made:

We've also put together a quick guide πŸ€“ below to help you better understand the fields you need to complete:

  • What product would you like to request?
    Select the name of the product that your customer would like enabled at their school. If you want to enable multiple products you will need to add them individually.

  • What school is the product for?
    Search for your customers school using the name, postcode, town or URN. If you can't find the school please contact

  • Please provide the name of your contact at the school
    This information is used by our integrations team and if accurate will greatly reduce the amount of time required to fulfil the order.Β 

  • Phase of education
    Please select if the school is Primary or Secondary School. If any of the children are of secondary age (i.e. Independent all-though) then please select Secondary.

3. Once you are happy the information is correct click 'Create order'

4. The order will be received by our integration team and our team will perform the necessary actions to get the product approved and working for the school.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact via

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