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How do I add apps to my account?
How do I add apps to my account?
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Adding an app is super quick and easy! 😎

Once you've logged in to your Wonde dashboard and activated Single Sign-On you have the option of exploring our Discover page (found at the top of your dashboard).


Once here you can find all your apps you use in your school and add them to your dashboard.
You can scroll through or simply type and search for a specific app you use.

Once you've found your app click on it to view more information and to then add to your dashboard:

You'll then have the option to choose who in the school you would like to have access the app from their dashboard - Teachers and/or Students:

Once selected, click done and well.... you're done! πŸ™Œ
If you are looking to add additional applications to your school's dashboard then just get in touch and we can help. You can get in touch by emailing or phone us on +44 1638 779 144.

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