In order for you to utilise the Saved Passwords functionality of the Wonde Single Sign-On, you will first need to have the Wonde Chrome extension installed on the device you will be using.

To help you make that process less time consuming, we have compiled the guide below to help you deploy our Chrome extension to devices provisioned to your Google tenancy, via the Google Admin Console.

  1. Login to the Google Admin Console with a Google Admin user at

  2. Click Devices in the Google Admin Console.

3.  Select Chrome management.

4. In Chrome Management, select User & browser settings.

5. Under Organisations choose the OU (Organisational Unit) you would like to deploy extensions to.

6. Scroll down to Apps and Extensions and click app extension page.

7. In the USERS & BROWSERS, click the yellow '+' button  and then clickChrome Web Store button. 

8. Search for Wonde and click + Select

9. Set to Force install

10. Congratulations you have deployed the Wonde Chrome extension via the Google Admin Console to your devices.

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