If you're an admin user of Wonde at your school, you'll be able to sign up to Single Sign-On for free until the 31st July 2020. Here's how you do it 👍🏼

Firstly, sign into your Wonde account by visiting edu.wonde.com and search for your school... enter your email address, and if you can't remember your password, we'll send you a magic link to your inbox to log you straight in ✨

You'll then be taken through to your Dashboard where you can see any existing apps that you may have previously approved access to your MIS data through Wonde.

Click on the Single Sign-On link in the navigation as seen below...

...you'll then be taken through to the activation page which should look a bit like this...

Simply click on the Activate Single Sign-On button above which will take you through to the approval stage. 

Wonde needs to use the information from your MIS such as students, teachers and classes. You can view the full details of these by selecting the Review permissions option. 

To complete the activation of Single Sign-On, select the Approve access option:

Great news 🎉 ...you're now signed up to Single Sign-On and ready to get started!

Don't forget, there's no cost to start using Wonde Single Sign-On and it's free until 31st July 2020. We'll remind you with plenty of time to cancel ahead of the free period, but we hope you enjoy the time saving tools for students and teachers! 

Here's Single Sign-On in action 😊

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