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Setting up teachers (Single Sign-On)
Setting up teachers (Single Sign-On)

You've signed up your school, but how do you get teachers started?

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As soon you've activated Single Sign-On for your school through, it's time to get your teachers set-up with their Wonde accounts... it's pretty simple πŸ‘Œ

You'll need to be logged into an admin account and then click on the Manage settings option in the navigation bar.

You'll then be taken through to the following screen... if you don't see the Manage settings section, you're either not signed in as an admin user or your school hasn't activated Single Sign-On yet πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Select the Download login details option, which will take you through to where you can manage login details for both teachers and students.

You're now able to either:

  1. Download the login details (username and password) for all staff.

  2. Invite accounts... this is always a nice option as it's less work for you and teachers receive instructions to sign-up straight to their email inbox 😎

If you choose the option to invite accounts, you're taken to a page which lists your staff and any email addresses we've accessed from their work details.Β 

Simply toggle the staff members you'd like to receive the invite, and if the email address is missing, add it to the appropriate field.

Once you're ready, click on the green Send invite button in the top right of the screen and the email invites will be on their way!

Teachers will receive an email inviting them to complete the set-up of their Wonde account where they'll then be able to access Single Sign-On for their classes and students.
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