When do the vouchers expire?
Depending on the supermarket, vouchers expire between 12 months and 5 years after they're issued to your school. Vouchers are intended to be spent on food within a very short window (i.e. days/weeks).

What happens if the parent doesn't use the voucher?
The voucher retains it's value until it's expiration, however, parents are expected to use these vouchers within a very short window (i.e. days/weeks).

What supermarkets are available through this scheme?
Currently, the supermarkets able to work with vouchers sent directly to parents (i.e. text message and/or email) are as follows:

  • ASDA

  • Morrisons

  • Tesco

  • Aldi

  • Sainsbury's

  • Iceland

  • McColl's

Are there any restrictions on what the vouches can be used for?

The restrictions for each supermarket are listed below:

Asda: Cannot be used in Petrol stations or to purchase tobacco products, stamps, lottery or phone top-ups.

Morrisons: Cannot be used online or for gift-card or lottery purchases.

Aldi: Cannot be used for the purchasing of gift cards, lottery tickets, scratchcards (or related material), alcohol or anything through ALDI’s website.

Tesco: Cannot be used in petrol stations.

Sainsbury’s: Cannot be used in petrol stations, pharmacies, branded gift cards, scratch cards, LPG autogas, infant formula, tobacco and related products, BT phone cards, E top-up, savings stamps, postage stamps, National lottery products, online delivery charges, concession coffee shops and restaurants

Iceland: Cannot be used online or for alcohol.

McColl’s: Cannot be used to purchase branded gift-cards, Pay Point products and services, E top-up, postage stamps and National lottery products (including scratch cards).

Can I set a custom amount for vouchers?
Yes. You can now set your voucher to be any amount, in within denominations of 10p... for example you can create a voucher for £10.40 but not £10.44.

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