Creating a supermarket voucher order
How to create an order and begin sending vouchers to parents
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Once you're logged into your Wonde account, select the blue free school meals banner at the top and middle of the page. 

1) Creating an order

Please watch the following short video and follow the simple steps when creating a supermarket voucher order:

IMPORTANT: You can assign vouchers before payment has cleared if the 'bank transfer/cheque' option is selected.

2) Managing an order

The following screen is displayed where you're able to select the students, and in turn the parents, who will receive the vouchers you have ordered.

Firstly, select the student by using the tick box on the far right. 

Tip: Choosing the Select all FSM students is a quick way to highlight students you may wish to assign vouchers. It can be found in the top right near the list of students.

You can change which parent receives the email/text message by selecting the Swap option. Only parents with parental responsibly, as found from your MIS are shown and available.

Tip: You can change the parents contact details directly on the page. If the parent has missing or invalid details, you can also change this here too. It's always a good idea to update this in your MIS as we'll then pull through the changes automatically next time!

Secondly, when you have selected those you wish to receive vouchers, click on the Assign vouchers green button in the top right (you don't need to assign all vouchers straight away, so you can do this as you go along).

The following confirmation box then appears on your screen:

Please read this information carefully as it explains what happens next.

IMPORTANT: The first stage is for parents to select their supermarket of preference.

All students/parents assigned to a voucher are then displayed on the page as follows:

You can click on the individual row to to see a live and up-to-date status.

Step 4 - Vouchers being sent to parents

All complete orders will result in supermarket vouchers sent to parents each evening (please note, if a parent has a voucher covering multiple days, they'll just receive the one voucher for a total amount you have created). 

Why the delay?

Wonde has to order the vouchers directly from each supermarket. The supermarket sends Wonde all of the individual voucher details, they then have to be assigned to each order the schools have made.

The Wonde team are working around the clock to optimise this process and to get vouchers out faster, but we expect a daily run of vouchers every evening at a minimum.

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