Free school meal orders explained

Some quick FAQs to help schools better understand their order

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Daily order update email ✉️

I receive an email update each morning on all open orders. What does it all mean?

Order reference: (i.e. 123-4567)
This is your reference for the order that follows.

No. of vouchers purchased: (i.e. 406)
This is the number of vouchers which you have chosen to purchase for this order and assign to parents.

Voucher amount: (i.e. £11.50)
This is the value of each voucher which is received by the parent.

Total order value (i.e. £4,669.00)
This is the total value of the order you have placed.

Payment status: (i.e. Successful)
There are 3 possible option which include the following:

  • Successful - payment has been received and your vouchers are being sent out or will be sent out today.

  • Payment failed - the card payment you attempted to make failed. You are unable to edit this order and will have to create a new order.

No. of parents with supermarket preference selected: (i.e. 376 / 406)
This is the number of parents who have successful selected their supermarket preference (i.e. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Sainsburys). You can send the request to a parent from inside your order details, or even choose it on their behalf.

No. of vouchers sent: (i.e. 273)
This is the number of vouchers sent to parents from this order. The number maybe less than the number of parents who have selected their preference if the parents selected the supermarket choice after the last order cut off (i.e. 12pm daily).

No. of vouchers activated: (i.e. 252)
This is the number of parents that have clicked on the voucher link in the text message or email, therefore viewing the voucher. We're unable to see if and when the parent has used the voucher.

Order process and timescales ⏰

The process of ordering free school meals is, unfortunately, not that straight forward, but we've put together the below to help explain the best way we can.

Part 1 - Creating the order

  1. The school places an order on the Wonde platform for free school meals.

  2. The school then chooses their desired payment method.

  3. The school then assigns the vouchers to parents.

  4. Parents instantly receive a text, email or both from Wonde asking them to choose their preferred supermarket (i.e. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury's).

Part 2 - Sending vouchers to parents

  1. If the order was placed and parents assigned to that order have chosen their supermarket of choice before 12pm, Wonde will purchase relevant vouchers direct from the supermarket as a part of a daily bulk order.

  2. If the order was placed, or parents chose their supermarket of choice after 12pm, Wonde will purchase the relevant vouchers the following day.

  3. On the day that vouchers are ordered, they are processed by the supermarket and then made available to Wonde. All vouchers are carefully loaded into the system where multiple checks are made before they're sent to parents.

  4. Vouchers are likely to be received by parents between 4pm and 10pm on the day of they're ordered by Wonde from the supermarkets.

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