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Managing rules during Edusync Google setup
Managing rules during Edusync Google setup

Allow only certain users to be managed by Edusync Google with this guide.

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Managing who is affected by Edusync Google
All schools are different and you may need to reflect this in the management of your Google Workspace for Education, so Wonde has provided ways for you to do this in our Edusync Google tool so that you can make sure we only affect the users you want us to.

It may be that you only want to have Edusync create and/or manage either the students or staff and you can do this as per the below example where we have switched off staff.

You may also only want to create and manage users in Google Workspace for Education for certain groups of students (Houses, Year groups and Registration groups) and as such, Edusync has provided a way for you to do this in the 'Rules' section of your Edusync Google settings.

This will allow you some flexibility to who has Google Accounts created and managed by Edusync Google and whether or not they are added to Classrooms etc.

Matching over 1000 users upon initial setup

Due to the size of the payload generated when Edusync attempts to match over 1000 users at a time, we are sometimes unable to execute such a job. It is possible however, to use the rules we provide in the 'Settings' page to only match around half the year groups to cut this number down in order match them. You then only need to remove the rules for the year groups and run 'Match users' again in the Matching page to have all users matched.
If you are unable to match the rest of the users or even just unable to save the match, you will be able to gradually add year group rules instead to match the users.

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