Please note: The settings that you find in this page on the main UI are exactly the same as those in the initial three step setup wizard.

First you will need to select the domain and the organisational unit that you would be able to find any current student users in and also bear in mind that when running a sync with user creation enabled, this is the OU that Wonde will provision the new users to.

You can add an organisational unit structure for students which Wonde will provision from MIS data to sit below the OU you have selected as sub OUs, all student users will be correctly assigned to these sub OUs also.

You will also need to select the staff domain and OU as above.

You can choose to omit either staff or students in the rules section with the toggle buttons. The users from each area will not have their MIS data available for matching.

You can create custom rules for student users so as to only omit certain classes as shown in the example.

Wonde can provision Google accounts based on school MIS data (preferred names), this can also be turned off should you choose to provision users by other means. A separate email address naming convention for each students and staff can be selected and Wonde has provided a list of useful defaults to help you with this. Duplications will be handled by adding a number on the end.

Google Sync can also suspend and delete users from G Suite for Education based upon their removal or inactivity in the school's MIS system. Again, this can be turned off.

Google Groups can be created based upon the registration groups, year groups and house groups in the school's MIS, toggling this on will provision ALL groups of this type to G Suite.

Google Classrooms can be created based upon the registration groups and classes (teaching sets) in the school's MIS, toggling this on will provision ALL Classrooms of this type to G Suite. You will need to match classes in the Match classes page if you want to avoid duplicates, please be aware however that Wonde will only be able to provide matches for the Google Classrooms that are owned by the admin account associated with Wonde Google Sync.

Classrooms provisioned by Wonde Google Sync within primary phase schools will be provisioned using the super admin user that approved access to Google API permissions in order to provide overall visibility for that user (secondary schools may have an amount of Classrooms exceeding the Classroom cap per user and as such were omitted from this update).

Save any settings when you are happy with them before running a sync at the top of the page.

Please contact if you require assistance understanding any of the settings on this page.

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