There may be things that you want to achieve with Wonde Google Sync on a user by user basis. Action buttons have been provided for you to do so and below is a guide on how to use them.

You will first need to select the user that you would like to carry out the action with on the left-hand side with the tick box.

The available actions are as below:

  • Create Google user

  • Ignore

  • Un-suspend Google user

  • Un-match Google user

  • Download password

  • Suspend Google user

  • Delete Google user

Create Google user 

This will provision a new user based upon MIS data just as running a. sync would with all unmatched users only with the selected users. It will also then match the Google user to Wonde's MIS procured data.


This will allow you to put a user in the 'Ignored' section of the directory and ensure that they will not have any sync actions carried out when running a full MIS sync.

Un-suspend Google user

This will take the user out of the 'Suspended' section of the directory and move them to 'Matched users'. You may want to do this if a user has been suspended by Wonde because of an error in MIS data entry.

Un-match Google user

 This will take the user out of 'Matched users' and place it in 'Unmatched users' thus ending Wonde's association with the Google user. You can then re-match the user or recreate a Google user. You may want to do this if. you make a mistake in matching your users.

Download password

This will provide a CSV of all selected users G Suite passwords but only if it is the password Wonde provisioned the account with, all other passwords will appear redacted with asterisks (*).

Suspend Google user 

This will move the user to the suspended section and in the Wonde Google Sync directory and also suspend the Google user in G Suite.

Delete Google user 

This will un-match the user in the Wonde Google Sync directory and also delete the user in G Suite. After deleting the Google user you will only be able to reinstate it within 20 days from Google Vault.

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