Wonde Google Sync is capable of sending the Google login credentials that it provisions for students directly to parents.

Please note before continuing: This service is designed to be used by staff at the school to avoid passwords being sent to the wrong contact and misappropriation of data. Additionally, the passwords Wonde will send to any of the selected users parents are only the passwords created when Wonde provisioned the Google Account. As such, it may only be appropriate to send these passwords out upon initial setup of the school's Google Workspace infrastructure.

Approving data for Google Sync 

Firstly, make sure that if you approved the MIS permissions for Wonde Google Sync before 07/05/2020 that you have re-approved the contacts permissions by clicking 'Save changes'. This will allow Wonde to obtain the required data from the schools MIS to contact parents with the student's Google credentials.

Sending login details to parents

Open Google Sync and go to the Communication tab. A quick link to access the feature is google.wonde.com/communication whilst logged into edu.wonde.com

Select the students you wish to send by clicking on the 'Exclude' toggle. You may also switch contacts here by clicking 'Swap' and manually change contact details by clicking on the boxes and typing.

You may select and unselect all students or select all previously selected students or all previously unselected (i.e. the student hasn't had their credentials sent out at any point in the past)

When you are ready click 'Send credentials to parents' in the top right-hand corner.

You will be shown a brief prompt about the charges incurred by your school for sending correspondence. Charges total 10 pence per user NOT 10 pence per method of contact per user. So if for example you choose only to email you will be charged 10 pence still. These charges cover expenses and administration costs incurred by Wonde.

The email received will contain a link and a pin number which must be entered on the page opened by clicking on the link.

Enter the pin on the page as shown below.

A new page will load once you have entered the pin, showing the full Google Workspace login credentials of the student.

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