You may sometimes need to archive Classrooms that are matched to classes/registration groups in your Google Sync 'Match classes' page, that you do not want to be reprovisioned by Wonde. We have set out how to do this below.

Once you have launched the Google Sync tool from your Wonde admin dashboard on, navigate away from the directory page to Matching >> Match classes

Archiving classrooms within Google Sync can be completed by clicking on the button in the screenshot below on (Matching>>Match classes in the Google Sync UI) Schools can archive all Google Classrooms matched with MIS data in Google Sync in one go. This is actioned by clicking Archive all matched classes

Alternatively schools can also archive these Classrooms individually by utilising the dropdowns on the right-hand side of the screen and selecting Archive class and saving in the top right-hand corner of the page with Save matches

All archived Classrooms will be returned to Create on sync in the dropdown so that when schools run their next sync or when a sync is next run automatically, it will create the Classrooms afresh without the previous Classrooms resources attached. We hope that this will help in the gtransition between academic years.

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