General troubleshooting

Some helpful tips for problems you may encounter.

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This article covers some general tips for avoiding or troubleshooting small scale hurdles in the use of Edusync Google.

Failing to create a payload with the error 'An error occurred while calculating sync'

Please check on the following points:-

  • An OU is selected for both staff and students in the settings page in the top section.

  • Google Classroom is accessible when signed in as your super admin account.

  • The Google Classroom API is accessible and turned on via your Google Admin Console

  • The Apps Script API is unrestricted

  • Wonde is added as a trusted Third Party app in the Google Admin Console

  • Try going to and re-approving the Google APIs

Let us know via if you have actioned the above and are still encountering the problem. We will investigate further with your assistance.

Duplication errors - Classrooms and groups with the same name

Occasionally primary schools will have Registration groups and Classes named the same and we will provision both as Google Classrooms. Set one or the other to ‘Ignore’ on to avoid this.

If you think that duplication has occurred for any other reason, please contact

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