At the end of each academic year a school may want to archive some, or all of their Google Classrooms. Perhaps because they're being taught by a new teacher or there has been a change in the curriculum or any other of a multitude of reasons. Below we set out how you can do this using Wonde Google Sync with the minimum possible disruption.

You have a couple of different options for how to manage the archiving process.

You might choose to archive all matched classes in Wonde Google Sync in order to start afresh for the following academic year. You can do this by clicking Archive all matched classes on

This will return all of the dropdowns on the right-hand side to 'Create on sync', you will need to bear in mind that the next sync will reprovision all of these Classrooms, so if you do not want this to happen then you will need to make sure that automatic sync is turned off and that you only run a manual sync or turn the automatic sync back on, when you are ready to do so.

You can also select individual Classrooms to archive via the dropdowns on the right-hand side and selecting Archive class. Simply click Save matches in the top right-hand corner to complete the archiving process.

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