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End of academic year Classroom archiving procedure
End of academic year Classroom archiving procedure
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Edusync Google supports the archiving of all Classrooms at the end of an academic year period and also the reprovisioning of new Classrooms at the beginning of the new academic year. Read below to learn more about this functionality.

Note:- If you would like Classrooms to be automatically archived the automated MIS sync will need to be ON.

  1. Firstly you must launch your Edusync Google from your Wonde School Portal at or and then navigate to Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the 'Google Classroom' section and select the option 'Archive all at the end of academic year' under How would you like to archive Classrooms?

  3. You must now select a day to have your Classrooms archived. This setting will insure that ALL Classrooms are archived if they are matched with Edusync Google - Archiving will occur one day after the date that you select here.

    Note:- Automated MIS sync will need to be enabled via the Directory page for this setting to have it's effect.

    4. Following the above, now select the date that your MIS academic year rolls over. From this date, if your setting How would you like to create new classes in Google Classroom? was set to 'Automatically with Edusync Google' it will have been turned back on, having been turned off automatically on the date that archiving occurred.

Classrooms will then be reprovisioned if and rematched if the automated MIS sync is enabled and automatic Classroom creation was previously enabled as well.

Edusync has had to implement this methodology due to MIS IDs changing from one academic year to the next, even if classes remain the same from the previous year.

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