To begin using the Wonde Apple Sync tool you will first need to be integrated with Wonde and also have approved the permissions for Wonde Apple Sync. If your MIS/SIS is not already integrated with Wonde, please contact us at

Once the above has been completed and the Wonde team has audited your connection please follow the below steps.

From your Wonde Portal, please hover over the Wonde Apple Sync tile/logo and select ‘Launch’. This will launch the Wonde Apple Sync tool in a separate tab.

Once the Wonde Apple Sync tool has loaded, you should see 0 current users.

Configuring Settings

  • The ‘Settings’ page controls the ways in which Wonde Apple Sync syncs data. As there are a number of different ways a school may use Wonde Apple Sync, please select the appropriate option below and follow the instructions.

  • From the School section, please ensure your relevant phase of education is displayed (Primary, Secondary or All Through).

  • From the Rules section, toggle on ‘Activate students’ and/or ‘Activate staff’.

From the SFTP section, please fill out all fields as per below. These details can be found in your school’s Apple School Manager account.

  • Go to and log in.

  • In the bottom left of the page, hover over your school name and select ‘Preferences’ from the options.

  • In the second column please select ‘Directory Sync’.

  • From SIS/SFTP select ‘Enable’ on the right of the page.

  • Once the next page loads, please expand Find Students, Instructors and Classes and select Set Up SFTP

  • Once the credentials have been generated please copy and paste the ‘SFTP URL’, ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ from this page into the Wonde Apple Sync ‘Settings’ SFTP section.

Note: The ‘Port’ field will always be “22”

  • Once the details have been copied across to Wonde Apple Sync tool please select ‘Continue’ under the credentials. Note: Please keep this page open in a separate tab.

  • To sync Students and Teachers you can either ‘Use existing Emails from SIS/MIS’ or ‘Generate new email addresses’. Please complete one of the options below that suits your school.

Option 1: Use existing Emails from SIS/MIS

From the Emails section, toggle on ‘Use MIS/SIS student email’ and/or ‘Use MIS/SIS staff email’

Once the above have been completed, please scroll to the top of the Settings page and select ‘Save Settings’ in the top right corner.

Option 2: Generate new email addresses

  • From the ‘Settings’ page you will need to first enter the domains used for both Students and Staff. Note: Custom naming conventions can be added should those in the dropdowns not suit your needs.

  • From the Emails section, make sure this toggle is turned off for both Student and Staff. Please select a naming convention from the proposed options.

Once the above has been completed, please scroll to the top of the Settings page and select ‘Save Settings’ in the top right corner.

Completing the Sync

Upon Navigating to the ‘Directory’ page you should now see both Students and/or Staff syncing into the Wonde tool.

If you want to exclude certain Classes from syncing to Apple School Manager please navigate to the Classes, mark any you wish to exclude as ‘Ignore’ and then select Save matches in the top right corner.

Once you have customised your classes please navigate back to the ‘Directory’ page, and select ‘Sync Users and Classes’ from the top right of the page.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Enable automated sync’ to have the tool sync once daily to make incremental changes to Apple School Manager.

A sync will now be pushed to your school's Apple School Manager. To view this please navigate back to your previously left open Apple School Manager tab.

The sync will now take some time to be accepted and provisioned to Apple School Manager.

Within Apple School Manager: A School’s First Time Syncing via SFTP

If this is your first time syncing via SFTP then you will be prompted with ‘Review SFTP Data’ where you can view Students, Staff, Instructors, Classes and Locations created by the Wonde SFTP sync. Please check if this data appears correctly for your school.


At this point the data sync has now been completed!!

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