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Matching users on Edusync Microsoft
Matching users on Edusync Microsoft

Providing an understanding of the importance of matching users and how to undertake user matching correctly.

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Matching your users in Edusync Microsoft correctly should be one of your priorities when using the tool. You'll need to do this in order to have any actions you have denoted to be actioned upon during an MIS/SIS sync in the 'Settings' page impact the school's Microsoft Tenant.

You can run a bulk user match from Matching >> Match users (this page looks exactly the same and carries the same function, as the 'Matching' step in the setup wizard).

After clicking 'Match users' you will be presented with all of the current available matches for profiles from the school's MIS/SIS data, they will be listed in order from the strongest match to exceptions at the bottom which will be ignored automatically and not allowed through as a matched user unless you click the 'Ignored' button to say otherwise.

Users are matched from the MIS/SIS data obtained by Edusync based upon preferred forename and surname. 100% matches can be achieved if the email address from the MIS/SIS also matches the Microsoft one. Edusync will only be able to match users that are found within the Administrative Units selected in the 'Settings' page. Because of this you may find users with exceptions against their names if the Microsoft account previously created before Edusync Microsoft was implemented used the legal forename.

When you are happy that you have all of the correct matches, click Match.

You can manually match users from the Directory page, by clicking manually assign and selecting the user in the dropdown that opens to the left on the same row. You may wish to do this because you were left with unmatched users that we could not find a possible match for, that you have now moved into the correct OU. Should you move users from an AU to another AU that Edusync Microsoft has in its settings, you will need to refresh the page to have it appear in the 'Manually assign' dropdown.

You can manually assign more than one user and then click 'Save matches' under the Action selected button in the top right-hand corner.

You may want to manually unmatch any users you have matched incorrectly or perhaps just to add them to the 'Ignored users' section (more information can be found about ignored users in the article on Manual actions). This can be achieved by selecting a user with the tick box on the left hand side and going to action selected in the top right-hand corner and selecting Unmatch Microsoft user.

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