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Custom naming convention requests
Custom naming convention requests

See how to raise a custom naming convention request and what we can accommodate around these types of requests.

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Sometimes the default naming conventions that Edusync provides in the Edusync Microsoft settings page may not meet the needs of your school. Should that be the case, you can request that Edusync adds a custom naming convention for your instance of the Edusync Microsoft tool.

Firstly, can we accommodate your request? The list of fields we can include from the schools MIS is as below. We can include any number of letters from each name and can splice admission years and numbers etc.

Unless otherwise requested, the year of admission will be the cohorts' year of admission rather than the actual year of admission for the student i.e. the year that they would have joined reception.

If you know that we can help you, please raise a support ticket to

Please make sure you include in the ticket:-

  • The name of the school

  • A unique identifier for the school e.g. postcode, URN etc.

  • An description of the naming convention

  • An example of what a users email address would look like with the naming convention applied

You will usually hear back from us within a day to say that we have added the new naming convention for you. Please check that it is working as expected with a single unmatched user. To do this go to find an unmatched user >> select them using the tick box next to their name >> click 'Action selected' in the top right-hand corner >> Click 'Create Microsoft user' >> make sure the new naming convention has created the user and matched them appropriately

If you are happy with the outcome, please proceed to provision all users by running a sync manually or waiting for the auto sync to deal with the provision of any new users, should you have it turned on.

If setting up a secondary school, middle school or junior school, you will always need a custom naming convention if you need the cohort year to be included in said convention. We will need to add some years to the cohort year in these cases, hence the need to raise a ticket to create a custom one.


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