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All you need to get started as a teacher with Single Sign-On

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Using Wonde as a teacher is super easy! Wonde is designed to be a streamlined tool to allow you and your students to login to apps as quickly as possible. In this short guide, we show you everything you need to get started. 

Welcome to the dashboard

The dashboard is the heart of Wonde. From the dashboard, you can navigate to a classroom or click on an app tile to log in.

If you click on an app tile you will be prompted for your login details, you should enter the username and password for the application you are attempting to login to, not your Wonde username and password. 

Once you have done this the first time you shouldn’t have to ever do it again! Wonde will remember your login details and automatically log you into the app next time you launch it.

That’s it - You’re now using Wonde as a central place to quickly login to your school's apps. 

Helping students

The directory is a list of students in your school, you can use this directory to find the Emoji Password or Magic Badge for a student if they misplace it. 

Use the search box to filter the students by name and click on the student once you have found who you are looking for. 

Once you are on the students’ directory page you can view and download their login credentials. You can also see what they have been up to in their activity stream.

Using classrooms

Classrooms allow you to share specific apps with a group of students, you can find apps in our marketplace (discover.wonde.com) and add them directly to your classroom. 

You can create a new classroom from the dashboard by clicking the “Create new classroom” button.

Give the classroom a name and upload an image or pick an Emoji. Picking a good icon helps to keep things fun!

Once created you can add apps by clicking “add one now” link. This will take you to our marketplace (discover) where you can find the apps you use in your classroom. Once you have added an app it’s time to associate your students. 

Click the "Manage students" button, select one or more groups and click “Assign”. This classroom is now available for all the students that are members of the group.

I need more help!

If you have any questions or need any help at all please don't hesitate to get in touch. Just send your question to schools@wonde.com and we will be in contact shortly.

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